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Rather large RPG project - looking for additional programmer
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 19, 2013 6:00 pm    Post subject: Rather large RPG project - looking for additional programmer [quote]

Hey guys,

I run the indie game development studio Bang Bang Attack Studios along with my wife.

We have been working on an RPG since 2011. It is my intent to develop a substantial amount of the game (code-wise) in order to prepare a kickstarter campaign for the purpose of securing the funding necessary to bring the project to completion. The size of this project is on par with the early Final Fantasy games (namely IV, V, VI). We estimate the development to take at least 2-3 more years after funding is secured.

Being a father, a husband, freelance programmer, and artist, managing our studio's projects, and programming them as well has started to take it's toll on me. I would like to be able to delegate some of the tasks out to another coder while I work on other aspects of the game.

What I need:
C/C++ programmer familiar with the Allegro (4.2.x) API, preferably with at least 2 finished games to their credit.

What you will be doing:
Your job will be the implementation of various systems pertaining to the development of a 2D top-down tun-based fantasy console-style JRPG. Expect to be asked to code anything from a basic game menu, to a complex combat scripting system.

Since this project is funded out of my own pocket at this time, I cannot offer any up-front payment.

I can include whatever compensation you desire (within reason of course) in the campaign goal, and once funded, you would be paid. In addition to the payment based on the kickstarter funding, I can offer you a percentage of the net profits of the game. If, after the game is done, you decide you want to join our studio as a full time member, I can offer you a higher percentage of the net profits of the game.

  • You must have been born before 1995.
  • You must speak/write English fluently.
  • You must be dedicated to your work.
  • You must be reliable.
  • You must be able to communicate clearly.
  • You must be a team player.
  • You must be able to devote at least 1 hour a day towards the project.

Skype chat (not voice) will be used for communication. I prefer the person I work with to make themselves available for chat at least twice a week. I expect a weekly progress report which shows the time which you worked (If you do not already use time-tracking software, I can recommend some) and what tasks you have completed during the week.

How to apply:
Contact me on Skype: bbastudios
Send me your resume or direct me to your portfolio of finished games. I will need to have you sign an NDA, and I will also prepare a contract which will need to be signed as well prior to any work being performed.
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