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Pretty, Pretty Fairy Princess

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 27, 2004 1:01 am    Post subject: My story I am hoping to use [quote]

The fallen age of myths and legends


In the dawn of night, a man walks in Tender Helm alone. Tender Helm, being a town where no man should walk alone, is one of the highest murder towns in the country of Windale. The man hears something and turns around. Nothing there, the man is frightened but he turns back around. He walks a bit further and hears something else. He turns around again and nothing. He turns back around to meet a club smack his face. The man not knocked unconscious looks at the man who hit him, and it was none other than a half-orc. The half-orc hits the man once more, in the back of the head, killing the man. The orc takes the mans gold and runs away as two if the city guards run toward the man. One of the guards start to chase the orc, but the orc is too fast. The guard then turns around and heads toward the dead man.
�Another dead one�, says one of the guards.
�Yes, damn thieves, we need to get rid of them once and for all.� Says the other guard.

Later, three people were walking in Tender helm to be attacked by the orc. The orc runs up to one man and clobbers him on the head from behind. The two ladies the guy is with, turn around. One being a halfling, the other being a beautiful elven blonde. The halfling runs up to the orc and stabs him with the dagger. The orc screams, but then pulls the dagger out of his leg and throws it at the halfling. The halfling manages to dodge the dagger, but by barely. The orc starts to run toward the halfling, but the halfling is much faster and slips underneath the orc�s leg and ends up behind the orc. The orc turns around and the beautiful blonde lady casts a spell and fire comes out and hits the orc in the leg, where he was stabbed. The orc screams in pain, it is enraged and it is swinging it�s club wildly. The club hits the halfling in the arm and the halfling falls to the ground. The blonde casts another spell that freezes the orc so the orc can not move. The halfling gets up, with her unharmed hand, she takes her dagger from the floor where the orc threw it, and throws it at the frozen orc. The orc shatters into pieces.

The two ladies look at the fallen man and sigh. The blonde lifts him up with a spell and brings him to the nearest inn.

Chapter 1
The fallen age

�Wake up, Wake up.�
�C�mon, wake up damnit!�
�You�re awake�, says the blonde lady.
The man in bed looks at her and jumps up out of bed, he pulls his sword out and swings it at the blonde. The blonde being quick, casts a spell on her arm, pulls out her dagger and blocks the sword being swung at her. The man puts his sword back in his sword slot and turns around.
�Who are you? Who am I? Why am I here?� Asks the man to the blonde.
�You are Bartolomeu, most people like to call you bart though. I am Wandala, an elven sorceress. I am your companion on your quest to end the fallen age.� Says the blonde.
�The Fallen age?� Asks Bart.
�Yes, they call this the fallen age. Long ago, when no land was ruled by anyone. An evil herd of evil druids and paladins wanted to take over all. They started to and succeeded to take half of the world. Their success was within a magical stone that they created to aid them in their conquering. They gathered armies of orc and the stone gave the orc extra powers. The druids and paladins only used orcs for fun. The stone had the power to give 3 people the power to conquer the world. But, in order to use the stone, you must have had a group of 3, a druid, a paladin, and a wizard. The wizard that was with them, betrayed the druid and the paladin and killed them both. The stones power was already bestowed on him, so he no longer needed them. He continued to conquer the world until one orc, shot an arrow at the wizard killing him. The stone was then hidden by the orcs in the temple of rashhad. But without the three men to rule the power of the stone, the orcs given the power of the stone were sucked into it. Giving the stone more power. The land was set free and 5000 years later, three men are after the stone to use the power to conquer everything. This is what we call, the fallen age. Everything will fall if you don�t stop the three men. The fate of the world rests on your shoulder�s. I am just here to help you bare that weight.� Wandala told Bart.
�But why me?�Asked Bart.
�Because part of the stone was chipped off in the destruction of the orcs. That part wandered the air for thousands of years, it embedded itself into you. Why, nobody knows, but we know that you must end the fallen age.� said Wandala.
�Ok, I don�t know what I am gonna do. I will probably go back to sleep, but I have a question� Said Bart.
�What is it?� asked Wandala
�Who is she, and why is she here?� Bart said as he pointed to the halfling sleeping in the bed next to Bart�s.
�That is Ghad, a halfling that us to help you with this quest also. She got hit by the orc that gave you amnesia also, but in the arm. It broke and she has to rest. Now hurry, get your sleep and we shall set north in the morning.� Wandala said
�What is up north?� asked Bart
�The elven town of Rive, we shall gain some companions there, now go get your sleep�


�Ughhhh, this mountain climbing sure takes it out of you. I cant take it anymore.� Says an elven man climbing a mountain.
�Oh, just shut up and climb the mountain you weakling elf, I should kill you and find another druid to help me find the stone.� Says an evil human paladin, also climbing a mountain.
�I am Evaniel, an elven druid, no human shall threaten me!� Says Evaniel, the evil elf.
�I am a great paladin, no druid shall even yell at me.� The paladin then holds his hand up and the druid starts too choke. �Looks like I will get another companion and rule the world!� The paladin laughs with a maniacal laugh.
�Barmon, you selfish bastard, you shall be the most evil, and when you are taken out there will be dire consequences.� Said Evaniel to the paladin.
�Than I shall not be taken out!� Yells Barmon as the druid is knocked out cold. Barmon then releases his grip and the druid falls down the mountain to his death. Barmon then starts walking up the mountain and says to himself,
�Stupid druid, now I have to find a companion again.� The paladin than climbs the rest of the mountain finding a thick forest at the top. He walks through the forest only to hear noises. He turns around and sees a fast flash. It was going too fast for the paladin to see what it was. He turns around to see the flash again. It comes write u to him and smacks him with its fist. The paladin is on the ground, but quickly gets up. He looks at the creature to see it is a nightcrawler(A shadow creature who likes to attack people at random). The paladin then pulls out his short sword and charges toward the nightcrawler. The nightcrawler very fast jumps behind the paladin smacking Barmon with his fist again. Barmon gets knocked back, but he is still standing. He starts to chant a spell, the nightcrawler then runs to Barmon and goes to head butt him, but runs into the fire shield Barmon casted. The nightcrawler falls to the ground as Barmon chants again. This time the nightcrawler screams and then explodes into millions of pieces. Barmon walks on to find a human standing in the path.
�You took care of my nightcrawler I see,� the Man says to Barmon, �My name is Vane, I am a druid who seeks the magical stone of sha, I can read your mind and see that you also seek it. You also need a druid and a wizard. If we work together, we can rule the world.�
�An intriguing offer, I shall accept and in the town ahead we will find the wizard we seek.� Barmon says to Vane.


Bart yawns as he wakes up to see ghad above him.
�Good morning sleepy head, Wandala has already started to pack her things to travel. If you wanna stick with us, you better hurry up.� Ghad tells Bart as bart gets out of bed. Bart packs up his things and everyone heads out.
�We head north, to the elven town of Rive, We need to get through through the forest of Woa.� Wandala informs Bart, �We shall be able to find out exactly how the stone got into you there, and also why you. We shall be able to find the true power of the stone is. Enough talk though, let us head out.� They walk out of the town and into the Forest of Woa.

As they go downstairs from the hotel hey hear a scream.
�What was that?� Bart said turning confused.
�A women in trouble, let�s go!� Wandala screamed running out the door.
As they left the hotel they notices 4 goblins attacking a women. One of the goblins beat her head with a club, while the other took her gold.
Bart charged in pulling his sword out, took a swing at one of the goblins, but the goblin managed to dodge the slash. One of the other goblin�s smacked Bart with it�s club as all four ganged up on Bart, beating him to a pulp. Wandala sticks her staff out and all the goblins get blown away. Then Ghad and Wandala charge in, slashing at the goblins. One of the goblins manage to hit Ghad with it�s club, sending Ghad to the ground. As this happens, Bart gets up and stabs a goblin in the back, killing it. Wandala manages to retreat from the goblins as Bart pulls out a dagger and throws it at another goblin hitting it�s head, killing it instantaneously. The other two charge at Bart and Ghad gets up, and with her short sword stabs one of them in the kidney, leaving it lying on the ground to bleed to death. You can hear it�s screams of pain, Ghad laughs. Wandala then casts a spell, setting the goblin on fire, killing it within a matter of minutes.

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Tenshi's Bitch (Peach says "Suck it!")

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 30, 2004 2:10 pm    Post subject: Story [quote]

Sounds like a rather typical start (but hey, stick with what works, right?). If you're looking for something special, I'd try a different approach, but the story has the promise of a good story, especially if the game is to be a fantasy-style story. Overuse of cliche plots are bad, but then again, you only have so many plots you could devise... So it works well, I think.

~= PhyrFox =~
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 30, 2004 3:32 pm    Post subject: [quote]

Have you ever heard of this?

To quote the Namesake:
"It was a dark and stormy night; the rain fell in torrents--except at occasional intervals, when it was checked by a violent gust of wind which swept up the streets (for it is in London that our scene lies), rattling along the housetops, and fiercely agitating the scanty flame of the lamps that struggled against the darkness."

--Edward George Bulwer-Lytton, Paul Clifford (1830)

It isn't the information you get across, it's how you get it across.
We are on the outer reaches of someone else's universe.
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Bringer of Apocalypse

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 09, 2004 3:15 pm    Post subject: [quote]

Doesn't the story start exactly like in Baldurs Gate?
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