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PostPosted: Sat May 14, 2005 8:43 pm    Post subject: Short Story RPG [quote]

Here's the idea. The player opens up the RPG Generator, and suddenly, almost magically, the player is taken to a world where exactly three options are given, with exactly three pieces of information at any given time.

In each chapter, the player has only one way and one chance to either (1) improve stats (stats would never be displayed as a number, only as a comparison), (2) recieve an item, or (3) complete a key task for the game's completion (like get X character to join the hero's cause).

Those are the options. The idea is to progress the story a bit differently in each chapter. The only way I can see the story as progressable is if some knowledge is absent down a certain path. For example, in Chapter 2 (from improving stats in Chapter 1), the player might learn of an evil character who is about 100 times stronger. Or, in Chapter 3, from recieving an item in Chapter 1, the player will learn that somebody is trying to collect all of the Y items. Chapter 4, from completing a key task in Chapter 1, the player will learn that somebody wants him to speak to a guy in a forest somewhere.

Depending on how the player plays the game, the player will go through the game in a way that he or she would enjoy more. This game would require a psychology professor or student to seriously consider which three tasks to make available in each chapter. (The tasks could supposably vary, but they would each have a basic concept behind them, making all of first tasks similar in some way, and all of the second tasks similar, etc).

To make it more of an RPG generator of sorts, the player could go through a comprehensive personality test that would determine the story and which aspects should be included in the game. If the player turns out to be a tall, handsome young man, fresh out of college, perhaps the character in the RPG would be a short, fat, old man with a lot of money looking for his childhood memories or something.

Thoughts on short stories and generators?
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