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PostPosted: Sun Aug 27, 2006 11:13 pm    Post subject: Brekain Crisis [quote]

Been working on the design doc for Brekain Crisis.

If you have heard of, or played Nadierian Chaos (NC), my first
completed game I made in QB, and had sold for $0.99, then
you will know what Brekain Crisis is. However, if not, then let me
explain. Brekain Crisis is the cross-platform sequel to NC written
in C++ using Allegro for the cross-platform graphics, input, sound.

I'm using Mappy to create the levels, and Tile Studio to create the artwork.
I'll be using Audacity to create the sound effects, and probably cakewalk to create the music. (If anyone wants to help with the music, art, or sound effects, step right up. I'd appreciate any help)

I'm thinking of utilizing Lua for scripting. Possibly, depends on how
much tweaking I need to do, if its alot, I'll implement the scripting
though if not, then I'll simply keep it all in an .h file for simplicity.

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Rambling Indie Games, LLC

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