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Demon Hunter

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, 2013 10:40 pm    Post subject: RPGDX has moved [quote]

Maybe some of you noticed the downtime Sunday. I tried to avoid it, but I messed up updating the DNS servers so I guess for some people the site was down for up to 24 hours. Well, I guess more people might have found mapeditor.org down (since I changed its DNS servers rather than rpgdx.net ones by accident, but oh well). :-)

Anyway, RPGDX is no longer hosted by Aral Balkan, who was very generous to host us for 10 years and apart from going over the bandwidth limit a few times and reaching our storage limit, it has been a very stable host that has even been responsive the one time that RPGDX got hit by an SQL injection attack. So, thanks a lot to Aral for the wonderful time!

Needless to say this site is pretty low traffic these days, so I decided to carry on from my own wallet at a decent pay-for-what-you-use hosting service. Unfortunately, I will not be able to carry on hosting the dozen POP3 mailboxes we accumilated over time, but I can set up email forwards instead. Also, I guess the biggest improvement is that image uploads are working again since there is no hard storage limit.

Don't expect any big changes to the site apart from little fixes here and there since I just no longer have the time (well as if that hasn't been clear since years, heh). The site will mainly stay around for nostalgia, keeping in touch and possibly to entertain the odd RPG developer wannabe from time to time.

Btw, all subdomains moved as well. Just tell me if you either are interested in having access to your site again or when you want it removed. Some actually have pretty good content:


So anyway, long live RPGDX! :-)
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Lowly Slime

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 10, 2015 12:05 pm    Post subject: [quote]

It is very difficult to understand, but the content is very good.
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