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Spring 2003 MiniRPG compo
Start time 2003-04-26 00:00:00 
End time 2003-04-28 00:00:00 


This contest is for anyone with enough time on their hands to spare a weekend to work almost non-stop on a nice RPG game. Because of its short duration, the games created in this contest will be short mini-RPG games with a few hours of playing time at most. The main goal is completeness, so it is important not to try to make the game too big or versatile.

The logo is a compilation by Mandrake, which you can use in your game to show it was made for the compo.


Because of it's short duration, a lot of premade work may be used. You can use any existing graphics, music or sounds and even an existing engine. Important to note however, is that any game-related scripts, levels and other story elements need to be created within the timespan of this compo.

Other than the above, the only additional rule is that the game needs to be an RPG. You can make anything you want as long as it's an RPG.


Name Project Subscribed Won
jdinger  Mandy's Quest  2003-04-19 23:10:03   
Nexinarus  The Story of Microsoul  2003-04-19 23:43:22   
Ace  Shadows  2003-04-20 03:27:02   
The Anarchist  I have no name  2003-04-20 17:45:34   
Adam  Poobum 2003  2003-04-21 10:18:17   
Moonlight  Cave Adventure  2003-04-22 15:31:05  2nd place 
DarkDread the Nocturne (final)  2003-04-22 22:58:11  1st place 
Barret7sc  Trevor: Gaiden  2003-04-24 09:45:49   
SJ_Zero  Nietzsche Easytype  2003-04-25 18:45:15   
Removed entry 2003-04-19 22:45:02  3rd place 
Removed entry 2003-04-20 20:30:54  3rd place 
Removed entry 2003-04-20 22:28:35  3rd place 
Removed entry 2003-04-23 00:05:45  3rd place 
Removed entry 2003-04-24 12:07:49  3rd place 


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