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Start time 2003-07-05 00:00:00 
End time 2003-07-07 00:00:00 


This competition is about creating a small MiniRPG with a nostalgic feeling, and hence the name. I don't know about 'Compo' but at least 'Nostos' is Greek for Nostalgia. Nostalgia is the feeling we all get when we play those years old games like the early console RPGs, old Lucas Arts adventures, early roguelike games, The Elder Scrolls I or II, Stonekeep, and so on. No strict boundaries exist as to what a nostalgic game should be like, the game should at least be an RPG however.

Here's a simple, pixel-dimension version of the compo logo. You may modify and use it in your game as you seen fit.

The rules

Firstly: Any programming may be done before the competition starts. This contest is not about achieving the most elegant solutions to engine design or about showing off how you can build a crappy engine in just one weekend. You are encouraged to make use of this freedom, but it is in no way obligatory.

Secondly: You are not allowed to use any game content created before the compo. Let us define game content more precise. With it we mean any in-game visuals, anything we can hear and anything we read. Tiles, maps, music, particle effects and dialogue are examples of game content.

Lastly, but not leastly: You need to give argumentation about why you think the game you've made fits a nostalgic theme. You'll do this in your project description.


Name Project Subscribed Won
Adam  Anera: Poobum 2003+1  2003-06-19 01:49:51  3rd place 
Moonlight  Blues Brothers RPG  2003-06-19 06:53:34   
korndog  That 80's Game  2003-06-29 04:36:07  1st place 
Jihgfed Pumpkinhead  Notmucher  2003-07-04 10:44:03   
networm  Sword of Fargoal remake  2003-07-04 18:01:12  2nd place 


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