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Chione Challenge
Start time 2003-12-01 00:00:00 
End time 2004-01-01 23:59:59 


Welcome to the Chione Challenge, RPGDX' Snowy December Competition. In contrast to most of our previous competitions, there are several strict rules your game must conform to, because we want to see some snow!

  • The game must include a snowy weather effect.
  • The player (and possibly other entities) must be leaving tracks in the snow.
  • There should be some snow-covered objects.

You have to whole month of December to finish your game. Derivative work is allowed, you can even make a snowy version of a game you released earlier. Also, we encourage you to work in a team, though individual entries are just as welcome!


Name Project Subscribed Won
Moonlight  Blues Brothers RPG  2003-12-01 06:02:28  2nd place 
The Anarchist  Lost  2003-12-01 11:17:14   
XMark  Blorp Zingwag: Elf Detective  2003-12-01 20:57:22  1st place 
Barok  Snowy Ridge  2003-12-01 22:45:31   
Rooter  Jacko Bells - Back in Action (Finished and released)  2003-12-01 23:16:10   
Catalyst  Winter's Darkness  2003-12-02 12:51:47   
Independence  Arthur Dents Dreams Winter Edition  2003-12-02 14:43:35  3rd place 
biggerUniverse  Mechanae: Exodus of the Order  2003-12-03 12:52:48   
Jerm  Battle of Destiny: Gold Prophecy  2003-12-04 01:01:16   
BadMrBox  Chrystal Winter  2003-12-04 10:08:43  3rd place 
aetherFox  Snowy Hills (WIP Name)  2003-12-14 08:46:05   
Happy  Perfect Weapon  2003-12-24 08:13:52   
Removed entry 2003-11-30 21:49:33   
Removed entry 2003-11-30 23:34:08   
Removed entry 2003-12-01 07:53:29   
Removed entry 2003-12-01 14:11:48   
Removed entry 2003-12-07 17:06:46   


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