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Chloris' Call
Start time 2004-04-01 00:00:00 
End time 2004-05-07 23:59:59 


This competition takes a whole month, like our previous one. The objective is, as usual, to make a fun RPG. There is also the following set of rules:

  1. It's Spring, so include the usual horde of new green leaves, plants, flowers and sunshine!
  2. In any outside location, it should rain occasionally. Try making it convincing, and be creative. :-)
  3. The general theme is change. You decide the interpretation for this, and describe how you've included change in your game in your description.

Derivatives of existing work are allowed. Also, working in teams is allowed, and encouraged!


Name Project Subscribed Won
Nephilim  Sacraments  2004-03-31 00:58:35  1st place 
bay  Equinox  2004-03-31 07:36:00   
mininet  Elements: The Awakening  2004-04-01 00:01:22   
rosch  Rain Tactics  2004-04-04 03:03:03   
biggerUniverse  Mechanae: Exodus of the Order  2004-04-08 08:05:16   
Alternative Username  Fresco  2004-04-11 10:54:52   
BigManJones  The Tombs of Gersidi  2004-04-14 20:15:51   
Removed entry 2004-03-30 06:15:50   
Removed entry 2004-03-30 20:09:03   
Removed entry 2004-03-31 02:14:22   
Removed entry 2004-04-01 09:16:19   
Removed entry 2004-04-12 12:59:30   
Removed entry 2004-04-22 14:30:35   


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