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Hecate's Contest
Start time 2004-10-16 00:00:00 
End time 2004-10-29 00:00:00 


One weekend, and all game content has to be from scratch! That's basically what Hecate is about this Autumn. If you're an RPG developer or developing team, sign up and see if you can make a decent game in one weekend! And don't start telling us you can't spare two days away from whatever big project you've been working on for years!

Rules in detail
  • You create all content of your game within the timespan of the contest, which is 2 days. One day extention isn't a given, but be prepared for it nonetheless. Content is: graphics, music, dialogue and environments.
  • Note that the previous didn't include story, you can figure that out in advance. Preferably think up your own, but you're free to base it on something existing. It also doesn't include the engine, which can be prepared in advance too (and doesn't need to be your own). You are advised to make use of these opportunities, and have them ready when you start.
  • Environment requirement: Needs to look like Autumn.
  • Technical requirement: Have some leaves falling down from trees. Technical bonus for having interaction between characters and the leaves falling or on the ground or wind blowing them around.

Note: this contest was extended to a week.


Name Project Subscribed Won
Moonlight  Dropzone  2004-10-13 14:04:40   
DeveloperX  Dream Destroyer  2004-10-15 01:47:22  3rd place 
Adam  Ninja'd: Blossom of the new spring autum  2004-10-19 07:55:49  2nd place 
Removed entry 2004-10-13 15:31:04  1st place 
Removed entry 2004-10-14 07:35:09  1st place 
Removed entry 2004-10-21 06:49:51  1st place 


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