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Posted by darkages 
Status Finished 
Prog. language QuickBasic 
Last update 30-08-2002 
Links Website; Download;

This was my first full-blown graphical experiment in making games. Inspired in particular by Tsugumo's brilliantly simple engine designs, I managed to complete the game in about 7 months. It was published 3 months later (dunno why) by PC-Gamer Magazine.

The game is about as classic as it can get, rivaling Ultima III in visual appeal. The style is very Dragon Warrior I. Honestly, to this day I still don't understand why this game was a success. Just play it with a grain of salt. :)

** Mildly documented source code available from my website. **

Review by Rainer Deyke on 30-08-2002
I played this game a fairly long time ago and I greatly enjoyed. It's not particularily sophisticated, but the quests are interesting and the world is fun to explore. This game was in fact one of the main inspirations behind my own 48 hour compo game, The Ghost of the Haunted Grove. Unfortunately the ending is disappointing: instead of allowing me to explore the other continent, the game forwards to the final confrontation, and a bug prevents the player from losing said final confrontation even if the player dies.
Review by darkpagan on 31-08-2002
This to me is the founder of all 30 hour qbrpgs.People should really take a note out of Mikes book and remember that it all comes down to gameplay.The game is very traditional too and will appeal to anyone who enjoys dragon warrior.
The best qbrpg ever
Review by XMark on 03-09-2002
Great, especially considering that it is one of the earliest complete QB RPG's. This game was the one that inspired me to start working on my own RPG's. The graphics and sound aren't too good, but it is a very well-balanced and enjoyable game that felt like it "had everything there". Can't wait for DA II's completion!
Review by Barok on 13-12-2002
This game is very good. Even though the graphics are below normal and the music wasn't great (it only had about 4 songs) The gameplay was good. One thing i didn't like about this game was the text. The person who designed this game cheated by making over half of the people in this game say the same thing. The game was short, and didn't feel all that satisfying. but maybe i should be concentrating on the good side. what dialog that's there is very good, and the storyline is deep, even though there wasn't much dialog. i hope to see more of darkages.