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Posted by God_Cells 
Status Walkaround demo 
Prog. language
Last update 16-07-2003 
Links Website; Download;

God_Cells (Programmer & graphics) JIS (Graphics) Thorvin (Music)


Lastest new :

Windows and Linux port done. More progress at this time. A new demo to comes.

A new screenshot added to our screenshot section.
Some engine improvement.

Demo 3 released...
Dont forget the allegro runtime library v4.1

Added a mailing list for those who wants to be noticed when the demo will be out.

Engine completed!
Plot mostly completed, dialogs remain to be written. So, the main character sprite have been modified to be smoother. About 50 frames of animation.

[ May.19.2oo2 ]
Editor now completed.

The game :

Current version : 0.80 alpha (Not avaible yet)Wait for the first Demo! ;-)

Features :
- Old style graphics (resolution of 320x200x256)
- use a part of Allegro.
- 4 graphics layers
- Triggers
- MIDI support and WAV support
- Sources
- A very goog FPS rate! (The game should run on a 486 DX66)
- Fully integrated GUI
- Under DOS (windows port is planned)
- It's own music, graphics.
- French and English version. Planned
- We already have a good scenario.
- "Animes" style animated sequences.
- FREE!!!

Plot :
On a waterworld people try to survive with the few ressources they have. 5542 years ago, a big desaster occure : "The endless rain", nobody knows how this occured but Aeron (the hero) is interrested and want to know about it. So, it will haves to explore caves and submarine bases to find what caused this planet to be submerged by water...

Keep eyes on this project -_^

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