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Posted by anistal 
Status Almost finished 
Prog. language
Last update 27-05-2003 
Links Website; Download;

teamterradactyl, peterhull90, 23yrold3yrold, josh bolduc, dudaskank, troy.d.patterson, mastergoodbytes, matthew, reybrujo


KQ is an old-skool RPG with a complex plot, 20 maps, eight heroes and countless monsters, spells and items. Quest for the mysterious Staff of Xenarum in a fantasy land. Slay ogres, dragons, and orcs. Commune with the Oracle of the White Tower, infiltrate the Embers Guild and defeat the newly re-born Avatar. Learn powerful spells and wield mighty weapons.

KQ is written in C with scripting from Lua. It's all open-source (GPL) so you are free to take, learn, modify, as you will.

Latest snapshot release July 2003 available from SourceForge, including the start of the new plots and bug-fixes

Review by pabarry on 13-07-2003
This is a great game that reminds me of 'Final Fantasy Mystic Quest'. The music is pretty good and the graphics are not bad. This game is well worth playing.
Review by darkpagan on 08-08-2004
KQ is one of the most exciting RPGs in production right now, I've only as far as the oracles tower but already it is shaping up excellently. The game begins simply enough with 8 carachters being informed of a quest. You choose a carachter to play as, each with different strengths and weaknesses and begin. Levelling up is a simple and enjoyable process. At no point does the game seem to progress too slowly. The graphics are good though not exactly outstanding and exploring the towns and countryside is less monotonous than most games