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Posted by papillon 
Status Finished 
Last update 05-09-2003 
Links Website; Download;

You are the head of a magic school, assigned to train three students over the summer. Pick their classes to raise their skills, then send them to raise money - which you can do by exploring dungeons, selling goods you create, or working part-time jobs (minigames).

No more betas for you! Game is finished and going on sale. :P But there's still a free demo to download. Most recent update - big graphical overhaul on the statistics pages.

Review by Aj on 09-03-2003
I think this game has a nice feel to it. For starters, the graphics appear to well made. Secondly, the idea of training your character, by completing adventures for a charm school, is also quite original, despite the business of delving into caves and fighting monsters. Having to avade fireballs and quickly attack enemies by furiously tapping at the spacebar, makes the game active and keeps the player interested... well, it kept me interested. I think this game might be worth the wait and hopefully enjoyable. Great stuff!
Review by Mandrake on 10-03-2003
The game is a lot of fun. I love the concept, very unique, esp in a fantasy game world kinda dealie, where game plots/concepts are getting a little stale. I'd give it a higher score, but hte graphics need some work. Although, they are not bad, and they are much better than some games I have played. Just not super-ultra drool. Definately worth the time/bandwidth to download and play.
Review by janus on 06-04-2003
A good GM game. Simple but fun, very good graphics and animation. The music's not half bad either, and I didn't notice any bugs. Really reminds me of Princess Maker. Good job!