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Posted by Dan 
Status Early development 
Last update 22-03-2003 
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The CORE RPG Creation System (CORE for short) was started on in January of this year and has since then come a very long way. We are aiming to finish the first version of the Engine/Editor by late May.

With CORE, we are aiming to make it both very easy to use for beginners to Game Making, but also highly expandable for those who wish to take their games further. Currently CORE is in the initial development phase and so far we have managed the following:

* Engine - Rendering Module almost complete.
* Editor - Map Editor almost complete.
* Editor - Script Editor, mainly complete, Command Lists, Wizards etc. Need making.
* Files - Map Format completed.
* Files - Decided on Tileset format.

We would really appreciate *ANY* input from anyone in the game making community, so if you have any comments/suggestions, please head over to our site at

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