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Posted by Ace 
Prog. language C++ 
Last update 28-04-2003 
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1)There are secret passages everywhere. Some squares that look like walls may not be walls at all.
2) Search the first room for a healing square.
3) to exit the dungeon you must find everything. Search everywhere.

The world has been engulfed in a great shadow. As Pedro, you must navigate the Shadowy Dungeon of Fiends (tm) and break the shadows.

Review by Bjørn on 30-04-2003
This game is interesting because of the cool floating effect that's been used for the player and the other yellow balls he encounters. Also, the fact that the player can walk through some of the walls really adds to the game. Otherwise, I guess this game proves you should be at least a little prepared before trying to make a game in 48 hours.
Review by The Anarchist on 01-05-2003
This game was mildly amusing for a bit, and I do intend to see how far I can play it. Not a total failure, as it might appear from the screenshots (you must admit, you're pixel-skills could do with a bit of work, heh). The game is playable, and if we had half values i'd give it a 4.5, but its just not worthy of a 5, so I rounded down. The bobbing up and down effect is quite cool and the enemy-bosses are quite funn.y, but unfortunately thats all that this game offers.