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The Story of Microsoul
Posted by Nexinarus 
Status Playable 
Prog. language QuickBasic 
Last update 30-04-2003 
Links Website;

update 1 may, 2003: the ending is now fixed.

You play as a young boy stick man who returns home to a robbed and destroyed village and seek revenge some day.

A growing gang Microsoul are at an extreme turning point in thier carriers and are plotting to steal all wealth and destroy everything. There are monsters everywhere and you must stop this! Zelda style real time battles with experience-based leveling up you slice enemies with the sword you were givin trying to put a stop to things.

(But before you play just keep in mind that Stick man is a japanese exchange student "bringing great wellness to the new country" he is being in with, so he may have said a few err0rs and said a few words wrong but thats ok excuse his english).

This is my entry to the spring 2003 48 hour rpg compo check the readme.txt inside for more info.

{ Do you have this game? Please email me at nick at because I have lost it! }

Review by DarkDread on 29-04-2003
A neat, simple little game, that's built around a solid, and fun game engine.

Right away, the game begins with an intro that explains the story, and sets you up as the hero, Stick Man, on a quest. The graphics, while plain, are good enough to make walking around the game's location enjoyable, and the battle engine is enough to make whacking monsters fun. Everything is put together very well.

Of course, with a quick competition entry, there are lots of small things that are missing. They don't take away from the game, but if the author would've had more time, a little bit more animation, especially when fighting, would've taken the game a lot further.

Overall though, a good, solid entry.
Review by DeveloperX on 18-05-2003