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Posted by Adam 
Status Abandoned 
Last update 30-04-2003 
Links Website; Download;

Adam Clifton - Code Monkey, Models, scripting
Simon Viresama - Models, Maps
Ian "daily" Day - Maps
Simon Moat - Maps
Leslie Buschel - Music
Tamara Neven - Vice Chairperson of Food Allocation
(not Tim, Tim's a fag)


This game has been updated, extract this file over where you extracted the game.

Play the role of Monkey as you travel through an ultra short game to find the cure to the Static Curse.

Hint: Run around in the first room untill you can kill the SARS in one hit. Then run around outside untill you can kill the Anal Sars in one hit. Then run on the road untill you have 1000HP. Remember to rest on the couch-bed to restore HP.

The top screen shot is from a development version, the bottom one is from this release
The game was finished before the deadline but uploaded after.

Milk and Cookies!!!

Review by Bjørn on 30-04-2003
Man is this game bad. An annoying interface, non-interesting and repetitive music, ugly (though original) graphics, bad humor, no story (or not something worthy of the word) and horrifying gameplay all packed together in a single game. I still give it a 4, for at least trying to make something of it.
Review by The Anarchist on 01-05-2003
I thought this game was going to be great when I downloaded it because of the nice looking backgrounds, but when I got it I found all the other graphics had been drawn poorly in paint I wasn't sure what to think. It only gets worse from there, because you get attacked almost every step you take (by a saars virus, which was quite funny) and the battles are boring. I'd have given it a 3.5, but I gave it the benifit of the doubt. Its not totally awful, and I rather liked the backgrounds. It has its moments.
Review by nobart on 10-06-2003
I was very excited to download this game, as the name was very creative. However after being attacked by millions of popup text boxes, and then finding that even the creators of their game were paying it out as we went through the game. This game sucked like shit. Fighting these weird box things. And basically walking around like a nobbit, i would have rathered play an above view RPG like on those Old computers, with the dodgy swords and things.. where you could ask questions.. those games kicked.