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Posted by DarkDread 
Status Finished 
Prog. language QuickBasic 
Last update 03-06-2004 
Links Download;

Darkness Ethereal


03-06-04, 7:46am, EST: The download link for this game works again!


Released in 2000, Mysterious Song has become rather popular. Lotsa downloads on CNET, and featured in Finland's Mikrobitti. All this, for a game that was finished in about 3 months. Do I sound pretentious? Damn.

Review by Mandrake on
What can I say about this game that hasn't been said before? It has pretty damn good graphics, great combat, a cool-ass plot, brilliant music, and is alot of fun to play.

Download it now or be sorry :)
Review by Catalyst88 on
I love it, it's such a cool game, although I couldn't get the sound system working (stupid EMS), the music sounds good out-of-game and I'm sure it'd sound good in-game.

Gameplay wise I like the sprite effects in-battle, and the battle backgrounds themselves, although the character moves a little too fast on the main screen.

The storyline is quite involving for a small project such as this: very good, although some bits do come a bit suddenly :)

The references to other RPGs are quite good as well ;)

8/10 overall, because of the music, but otherwise a really good game :).
Review by darkpagan on 15-04-2002
Cool game if ever one was made.Good graphics a great gothic theme.The plot is not particularly original although it is a healthy throwback to the old SNES days.The game is short but not rushed and is definetly worth downloading
Review by XMark on 24-04-2002
Nice little quickie RPG. Brings back those Dragon Warrior memories. Interesting plot, although 90% of the story comes in at the very end. Great setup for a sequel though. You're doing a sequel, right? Overall solid game, although original music would be a plus. I love the conversation with the girl looking for her pussy. *slap* That's a CAT you pervert! :)
Review by vincent on 26-04-2002
It's a rather solid game but shows its age (though strangely it's rather new).
The story is not very original, but that's not really the goal of these games is it ? :)
I found no bugs, the gameplay is easy to get at, and the multiple tunes help keep the player interested.
The only thing that worried me at first is the constant disk churning, which I'm not used to as I use Linux, where everything is cached. I really worry when I hear my hard drive :)
To summarize, a simple and solid game that you should enjoy if you're into old style RPGs.
Review by vincent on 29-04-2002
After having finished the game, I feel compelled to correct something in my previous review: There is indeed a worthwhile story, though it unveils late in the game. So I take that bit out :)
Review by Imerion on 11-06-2002
This is a masterpiece, well, almost atleast.
The gameplay works great. The usual menus and everything and there is a great option that lets you chose how fast the caracter should walk. I wish more rpg´s had this option.
The gfx is superb! Lots of nice tileart, wonderful backgrounds and cool caracters. There is lots to see and lots to do.
The music is good and has a nice tyle to it.
The maingame is viewed from the usual birds-eye view, but the battles are viewed from the caracters eyes with the enemies in front of you. This is a bit like Phantasy Star and works very well.
The story deservs a special mentioning, its well written and funny sometimes.
Its also fairly long and well balanced. (if not counting the dragons though, is there a way to defeat them?)

All in all this game is a great one that i reccomend everyone to play!
Review by Mattrunks on 16-06-2002
A very excellent game from a very excellent company. The gameplay is great, the graphics are good, and I love the music. Good job DE, and I hope to see MSDX in the near future!
Review by Barok on 26-01-2003
Perhaps Darkdreads finest rpg yet. there was absolutely NO flicker, and animations were practically seamless. The story was good, and there seemed to be a conflict between the main character and the main boss, a cloud and sephiroth type of encounter. I don't feel like a lengthy review, so for now i'll sum it up like this. PLAY THIS GAME!!
Review by Moogle on 30-01-2003
very good game! i am addicted to it right now i am at level 20.a tip: every one that reades this post and havent downloaded it yet DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!!!
Review by BadMrBox on 02-05-2003
One of the best games out there. Nothing much to say about it thought that has not been said by everybody else.
It's sad that neither MSDX and MS2 is going to happen.
So how many other beated the dragon on the first try?
Review by Kyper on 15-08-2004
What can I say, It has inspired many including myself, Looks good, sounds good, plays good, all over great game.
Review by jkettles16 on 06-09-2004
The greatest DE game ever? Some would think so. Stunning music that perfectly complements the situations, a battle system that looks exceptionally good, and wondrous character development. This game has all that's needed to be the best of the best, but it does have its flaws. While the graphics are awesome they do have a tiled repetitive feel at times. Bosses and monsters also seemed pretty difficult in some places and to get past major areas required quite some level building. The story was amazingly engrossing but it came hard and fast at the beginning and end leaving a major gap of game play in the middle. This great masterpiece was open sourced, however, and allowed the community a great chance to really improve. In fact if it weren't for this game I certainly wouldn't have improved as fast as I did. Overall this is a superb job by the DE crew. It’s a darn shame it won't be continued in a sequel.