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Posted by Barret7sc 
Status Walkaround demo 
Last update 28-04-2003 
Links Download;

While it's not complete, please check out the short demo I've created. The combat is kinda wonky at the moment, but I'm going to continue to work on it and finish the short game.


Quick System Requirements:
Windows 98, ME, 2k or XP
DirectX 8.1
A 3D Accelerated Video Card

Sad news. It does not look like I'm going to have time to finish the game before the contest ends. I will release a demo of what I have, however, but I don't think it is nearly complete enough to be judged.

However, I will take the time to finish the game, and add all the effects and things that I want to. I am quickly finding out the shortcomings of my engine, and need time to do a partial re-write of some code...

Gameplay info:
It's like Zelda, but with a chimpunk with a Wiffle bat instead. Loads of fun. Rock pushing puzzles, Moving NPC's and such. Real-time combat (Kinda buggy at the moment).

Just implemented my first scripted puzzle. And it actually works!

Starting Statistics:
Engine: VB powered DX 8.1 hybrid 2d engine, 80% complete.
Graphics: 4 Tilesets, 3 char sprites and layer objects created by Andrew Bado for another project.

Well, so far all I've done is flesh out the story some and begun mapping. Only 2 maps are really finished, three more have been created. Like DarkDread, I'm also keeping a journal of the contest on my website,

I'm using graphics from another project that I have yet to finish.

Review by akOOma on 18-05-2003
Just one 'lil comment of my girlfriend:

"It's the best game I've ever seen and the graphics are so awesome..."

Now comment of me:

I gave the game only 6 points because there's at least one bug....sometimes there's a lil dot in the right down border of the player sprites...
Review by ThousandKnives on 21-05-2003
The tree and lake graphics are very cool, but any kind of graphical variety is lacking. The town graphics are just plain bad, with short walls that the characters look like they will get stuck under and vast fields of ugly repetitive roofing. There is really only one character graphic and it has transparency errors during certain animations. "paths" consist of jumbles of black blocks.

Play control/game mechanics are both so bad I dont even know what to comment upon.

It is a contest game so I guess it deserves a little slack, but this game is really all about eye candy, and even that isnt all that good.