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Posted by SJ_Zero 
Status Finished 
Prog. language QuickBasic 
Last update 06-06-2003 
Links Website; Download;

SJ Zero


Made for the RPGDX 48 hour compo.

-the JRPG RPG engine, written in-house(ie. we made it) before the compo (for another project -- good thing this thing is flexible!)
-the entire Quest for a King tileset was availiable, but in the end, we ended up using just a few tiles and making a bunch of new ones because of the different setting. the main NPC is straight from Quest for a King, and most NPCs are altered.
-neosad.mid and newtr3.mid, the two major songs used in the game, were written by Forsaken ()ne and SJ Zero, respectively, before the compo began.

This is the story of an executive lamenting some bad decisions. I'd prefer the big parts of the plot be explained by the in-game cutscenes, since that's what they're there for. Have fun!

Update:Due to popular demand, the download has been updated to be a lot easier -- I mean a LOT easier. If the old one was like fighting a cyberdemon with a spork, this one is like being the spork. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Update: The download links have been fixed, but I highly recommend trying Nietzsche SE, also on this site, instead. It's a greatly updated version of this game which addresses many complaints people had with the original competition entry.

Review by Aj on 03-05-2003
The story is amazing and the narration emphasizes it to the point where I would have happily sat reading through the whole storyline and cutscenes without touching any of the controls other than the spacebar. I also liked the way the enemies appeared in the normal environment rather than a battle screen being called up. Great work! A well deserved nine!
Review by Jihgfed Pumpkinhead on 19-07-2003
There are a lot of flaws for this game to overcome, but there are certainly some bright spots as well.

Firstly, the game is, at least when I played it, too uneventful and repetetive. Every battle is basically the same, every room is basically the same, practically every tile is basically the same. The battle system gives you three options: fight, heal, and item (basically another "heal", as the only items you can pick up are potions). Battle goes like this: hit "fight", until you've taken enough damage to bother healing, then heal. Repeat until enemy is dead. This becomes old quickly, and some more variation in gameplay is definitely needed.

The backgrounds are dull greys and greens. I understand that this is done for effect, but combining stale backgrounds with repetetive combat is a bad idea. The sprites, on the otherhand, were quite well done, very colorful; however, there were only two of them used with any regularity, the PC, and the one enemy sprite she fights over and over.

The story is very interesting, but weighed down by a much too heavy film-noir style voiceover. It would have come across much nicer, I think, if it were more interspersed across the game, rather than coming all at the beginning and end.

I understand that this is a compo entry, and given more time, with some more nice sprites, a couple more combat options, and a reworking of the dialogue, it could be much, much better.