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Posted by valkin2 
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Vincent and Annie


Main tech features:
- Dynamic lighting
- Gouraud shading
- Scripting

There is a small playable demo, which is mostly an engine proof of concept, but there is a little story (hint: the key to the house can be found in the forest, to the north west of the house itself).

The game will focus on the ability to solve problems through different methods, mostly combat (the omnipresent method of problem resolution :)), stealth, and a touch of puzzle.

Review by coldacid on 14-06-2002
Excellent graphics and engine, but for now that's pretty much it. The sound grows louder and quieter when it feels like it, and is consistantly sounds of a storm. Even though it's perfectly bright. As for gameplay, it's pretty foolproof, but the sample game is pretty boring.

I believe that the game has a lot of potential, or at least the engine does! It could be updated to OpenGL and Win32/Linux rather than DOS/Linux with Allegro, however. Especially since it steals the soundcard whenever I run it in Windows, requiring a reboot whenever I play.