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The Land of the Dead
Posted by matt2jones 
Status Finished 
Prog. language QuickBasic 
Last update 29-04-2003 
Links Website; Download;

This game is very sick, bloody, perverted, ugly, unsatisfying to play and boring, but its finished so I can't complain. Four Characters to choose from, each a girl in a school just after the school has been shot up, they must try and escape their insane half dead schoolmates and get to the bottom floor, and out alive! Its messed up so tell me if it offends you,


Review by Rainer Deyke on 31-05-2003
The positives: The concept is just sick. I love it. The ending is especially effective. This game gives you some control over character advancement by letting you assign points to different stats, which is a nice touch.

The negatives: Gameplay is tedious. Combat starts out extremely difficult but becomes extremely easy as the game progresses. The special attacks are too weak and unreliable to be useful. Overall the game is unbalanced. Much of the game is spent waiting for the stairs to the next level to appear. The ending bombed on me right at the start of the boss fight, so I had to read the included source file to see how the ending is supposed to go.

The verdict: This game is deeply flawed, which is too bad, because with just a bit more effort put into game balance this could become a nice (if short and tasteless) little game.