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Posted by Quickbeam 
Status Walkaround demo 
Prog. language C++ 
Last update 08-06-2003 

Quickbeam - Graphics, story, etc.
Golrien - Programming


Project Island Game, or PIG (working title, of course), is a non-linear RPG that aims to balance combat and social interaction, so you can play as a bloodthirsty warrior or a smoothtalking negotiator. Create your own character and explore a chain of islands, filled with NPCs that can be bribed, killed, traded with, etc., and have certain feelings towards you based on your actions. Wear fancy clothes to increase your charm. Find powerful weapons and slay your enemies. Use your skills to steal great treasures.

And so on. You get the drift. Play TES III: Morrowind, remove the magic, remove some of the systems, remove the third dimension, decrease the size, change the story, and you've got PIG in a nutshell. Well, hopefully it'll set itself apart.

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