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Anera: Poobum 2003+1
Posted by Adam 
Status Abandoned 
Prog. language Visual Basic 
Last update 08-07-2003 
Links Website; Download;

Adam Clifton - Code, Art
Simon Viresama - Levels
Simon Moat - Art, Intro
Leslie Buschel - Art
Ian "Daily" Day - Complaining, Making empy threats, Art
Tamara Neven - Maturity moderator and trying to piss us off 'cause we're working on the game instead of talking to her. Complaiing that we didin't add her map


Poobum stands for maturity and perfection, just check out the reviews for Poobum 2003. And now we plan to continue this great tradition in Compo Nostos!

This game was built for compo nostos. This release is more of a demo build since it needs far more balanceing to become a deciently playable game. I garuntee youll get sick of falling into spikes inside the cave and give up. Lookout i the future as hopefully we will release a more playable and balanced version. Unless we get a rating of 2 again :P

The game plays out like a cross between Metroid and Metal Slug. The original intention was to build it more like metal slug than metroid, but simon viresama is a big metroid fan and our main level editor.

Anera: Poobum 2003+1 won 3rd place in the Compo Nostos.
Review by iconeo on 08-07-2003
This game is great.. partly cos i worked on it.. i gave it a 10 to even out the score a little bit, and yes, the link is down and beleve it or not the other developers and myself have not played it (cept for adam who was supposed to upload it so we can all enjoy this creation). Like the map and monster art? I wonder who done it ^_~... so adam.. STOP SLEEPING AND UPLOAD THE GAME!
Review by tenquillico on 08-07-2003
cudos to the crazy poobum team again, much better than the last one, what was it.... poobum 2003? ya fancy, poobum 2003+1 is much better in game play and style, although i personally miss the crazy 3d rendered backgrounds of 2003.
good control, very nostalgic on the NES side i believe :P, great graphics and mapping, i believe this project has got its just desserts, and deserves great credit for the work done towards it, however it would be nice to see a finished product from you guys sometime in the future.
Review by ThousandKnives on 08-07-2003
It's hard to really give an accurate review of this game because of two major flaws:
A. There is no "please respawn my guy at the beginning of the level/last save point" button. Or, if there is, it isn't obvious and isn't listed in the readme. The only apparant solution is to restart the program. And that gets old fast given how easy it is to die in spiky pits because...
B. The jumping movement is horrible. The character floats around, never accelerating/decelerating in speed. It's unnatural, awkward, and could be fixed in about 5 seconds by writing a sin wave algorithm or at LEAST a logic gate to dictate varying speeds. The fact that the character begins a second jump if you are still holding the jump button when youland is also a bit strange and messes me up. Sigh.

Other than those glaring faults (which make the game, as far as I'm concerned, unplayable), this game shows a lot of promise. I'd like to play a version that had those two elements fixed.
Review by Poole on 13-07-2003
While my opinion of the game might be biased since I went to school with the guys who made it, I thought it was a good bit of fun to pass a few minutes and quite reminicent of my old commander keen days. Like all good games I got pissed off when I died repeatedly for no good reason and was not able to return to my last saved point, but I blame this not on the programing, but on my lack of understanding of computers so it was of no fault to the programers. I never expected it to be great but it was good all the same, still needs some titties though.
Review by Aj on 13-07-2003
A solid 8. Addictive, increasingly challenging, and smooth scrolling over near perfect graphics. The character is especially well designed as are his movements. Then why not a 10? Mainly because the game does not continue, as far as I am aware, from when you last saved. I could imagine, if the game showed a slightly greater variation in enemies and challenges, that this game could achieve many 8's, 9's, and perhaps 10's. A near perfect game!