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Posted by cleoni 
Status Finished 
Prog. language Java 
Last update 27-06-2003 
Links Website; Download;

Freeware Java software capable of building and running multiplayer adventure games, playable with any browser. Several multiplayer games are available for free as an example. Tutorial, documentation and free support available.

Here's how it works, in brief:

1. You develop your game using any text editor (we recommend Textpad) according to a simple, well-documented syntax. In a very short time you have a navigable, fully-multiplayer, game prototype.

2. Graphics and sounds can be grabbed from the net or custom made. GIF, JPG and WAV, MIDI formats accepted.

3. You can add interactivity in you game by inserting scripts related to events. Documentation on this is available, the language used is a simplified Basic, called SmallBasic.

4. The game is created and tested on your PC. Then you can decide to publish it online. Any ISP which offers Java servlet hosting is OK for this. We offer free hosting for game projects, however.

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