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Posted by js71 
Status Finished 
Prog. language FreeBASIC 
Last update 02-09-2006 
Links Website; Download;

Josiah Tobin: Story, graphics, music, maps
Cha0s: All things code/script, tools development, additional writing


[updated download links to include various fixes, linux versions, and a seperate download for source code]

Lynn's Legacy is an independant 2d action RPG, inspired by the likes of Secret of Mana, the Soul Blazer series, and the first three Zelda games.

The story follows the character of Lynn, a ball 'n chain wielding mercenary who wakes up in a small forest clearing after being blown out of the sky on a mysterious escort mission. She has almost no recollection of the events leading up to this point, and things only get stranger-- Portals leading to entirely new dimensions, strange encounters with sentient seeds, and an odd spectre of a man who calls himself Moth...

This is a project we've been working on for several years (since about mid-2003),
though 'serious' development on what became the current version hasn't been going on
quite as long. (Started Feb. 18th, 2005.)

After an extremely stressful few months, seemingly endless testing, and hearing
that damned dungeon song for the millionth time, it's all finished.
Eight dungeons, four overworld areas, five chapters...

This was a very difficult project to complete.
We hope you enjoy the final product.


Full version:

No sounds or music:


Full version:

No sounds or music:

Source Code:

Josiah Tobin and cha0s, Lynn's Legacy team

Review by Jocke The Beast on 20-03-2006
I've played version 0.75 (Beta). First off I must say that I love action rpgs alá Zelda and similar games. So, I'm very happy to find another cool action rpg in development using freebasic. With that said, let's go on with my little review. The graphic is very nice...almost cute (not my favourite graphic style but it's well done and works well with the game). The sound and music is very good also, nice songs in the background and sound effects that does the job. Now, the gameplay is the best part...and that's a good thing since a game with bad gameplay & good gfx + sound is pop... It's a action rpg and the collision-code works very nice with little or no flaws (some health-coins gets inside walls and stuff like that...but that's really no problem). The enemies works different and are amusing to battle. For short: it's what a action rpg is all about...good action!
I'm really excited and I bet the final version of this game will be even cooler. So, it gets a 8/10 since it's just one level right now and all features isn't added yet but when the game is done I think the ratings will go up a bit or two also. Great work and great fun to play! More action rpgs to the people!!!
Review by Adam on 12-04-2006
Pretty good action rpg stuff. Quality graphics. I can't wait to see the full version.

Some little problems with not being able to pick up items with your weapon. I had some trouble picking up items when i killed the bats when they were flying over walls. Also using the fire powder to open the steps didn't seem logical. I was trying to start the lights for a while but i wasn't having any luck.
Review by tunginobi on 23-07-2006
- A very solid action RPG that pushes the limits of FreeBASIC.
- Good variety of enemies.
- Lots of locations.
- Smooth animations.
- Full soundtrack and sound effects.

- Maps are enormous. It feels like the same amount of stuff could be put into smaller an area, which would help since Lynn moves rather slowly.
- Lynn's weapon is short-ranged and sluggish.
- The dungeon music will wear you down.
- Writing wasn't as snappy as it could have been. Storyline is unrewarding at least until the second chapter.
- Lynn is unlikeable as a character. She's like Alys from Phantasy Star 3, but without the humour or snappy retorts.

This game is definitely worth a look at. If you like top-down adventure games, this will be a treat.
Review by Rainer Deyke on 08-08-2006
This is a pretty good game. It's fun, it's finished, it's moderately large, and never gets so tedious or so difficult that you want to stop playing. However, it is not without its share of problems.

The core gameplay mechanics are fairly one-sided. Most of your time is spent fighting monsters. There are three weapons, all of which are basically the same weapon with different levels of power. There is only one attack. This is augmented by a handful of secondary items. There is also the clothing system, which was a nice idea, but poorly implemented. In practice, you always wear the same suit, unless you need healing, in which case you have to stand around for several minutes wearing the healing suit and doing nothing. There is also the puzzle aspect of the game, which mostly amounts to systematically searching the dungeons for keys, buttons, and doors.

Graphics are OK, but not great. The main character sprite doesn't have eyes. The trees look like they were taken from A Link to the Past.

Music is good at times, but far too repetitive in the dungeons. Sound effects are unremarkable.

The story is fairly interesting, but only after the first chapter. The ending is also not as strong as it could be.

Three flaws merit special mention. First, the game crashes semi-regularily when fighting the insects in the ice cave. Second, the game commits the unforgivable sin of placing a cutscene between a save point and a boss fight. Third, the final boss fight was just pathetic, and totally anti-climactic.