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Posted by ThousandKnives 
Status Walkaround demo 
Prog. language
Last update 06-07-2003 
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Me, ApesChoice


News 05-20-04:
Still chipping away, but very slowly...

Currently in what could be called "alpha" stage. All of the features are in-place but for a few that I know of and perhaps a few more I may think of later. Bugs and gameplay issues are around but not too numerous. The script for the first segment of the game has been roughed out. Right now the major sticking point is the continued graphical development (notably characters, battle backgrounds, and enemies). There are a few maps to mess around in.

Review by js71 on 07-12-2003
I can't believe no one's reviewed this game yet.
The graphics are stunning in their own way, especially the monster graphics-
The movement and scrolling is perfectly smooth, and the menus function flawlessly and have quite the polish to them.
But there are a few major flaws.
One, the music.
Don't get me wrong, it's very well composed and high quality-
But all of the songs are just 5-10 second loops.
Another thing which seriously detracts from gameplay is the battle transitions. They go painfully slow, and I'm running the game on a p4 1.7 ghz machine!
One other thing, although a minor gripe, is the character's walk cycles. The character graphics themselves are great, but the animation just doesn't do them justice.
But definately try this out; even if it is only an alpha, it's still very impressive!
Review by bblade on 31-12-2003
Ok this game is amazing, in a way-- with gorgeous graphics and really good menu design. In another way it was painfull because with such awsome, jaw dropping 2d graphics, there are so many errors. Like -Frog- had mentioned, the music gets really, really, ridiculously redundant- being that they are 5 second loops. The controls of the characters are very un-intuitive and at times can get very slow. I encountered a load of gliches as well.

Again, with all these downsides, the graphics are just beautiful. We may still learn a thing or two from this game.