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Posted by atcdevil 
Status Almost finished 
Prog. language C++ 
Last update 28-06-2003 
Links Website; Download;

See the credits in the game.


A story about an average 17 year old boy, thrown into a familiar yet unfamiliar world along with a handful of his friends to complete a task in order to save it froms its own existence. As the protagonist weaves through the thickening plot full of unsuspecting twists, fate and destiny become a burden that young Laius must surpass. He must overcome the foundations of fate; and he may find out who he really is.

The story and music are top notch in this single player console style RPG feel in a semi-modern/fantasy enviornment. Developed by Uniclipse.

Review by Malec on 19-11-2003
Although this version is only a demo, this game is pretty fun and the music is excelent. For a budding team, Uniclipse has surprised me, and because this is only a demo, from what I've played so far, i can sense a really crazy plot coming out of all of this. What are the seven stones? What are the guardians?? What kind of a world is this??? Oh man, I can't wait till the full version comes out!
Congradulations, Uniclipse. I'm giving you an 8. I'm a tough judge, and that 8 is pretty good especially for a demo.
Can't wait for your future games to come out. ^_^
Review by js71 on 21-11-2003
Not bad at all for a first demo. It has a very strange feel to it, you're not quite sure what's going on, but you know you have to find out, and that's what drives you to keep playing. Although the dialouge was a bit patchy in some parts, and the graphics were a tad mismatched, it's definately worth a look.