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Posted by korndog 
Status Finished 
Prog. language
Last update 07-07-2003 
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A light-hearted look at the Cold War through the eyes of three aptly-named characters.

World engine comments welcome. It's a little rough around the edges, especially screen transitions. The battle engine was slapped together and will be reworked for the next game. By the way, the sfx were recorded from a shockwave pacman game as mentioned in the readme.txt

Recommended System 350 MHz CPU or higher, 32 MB RAM, Win98

That 80's Game won 1st place in the Compo Nostos.
Review by Jihgfed Pumpkinhead on 08-07-2003
Now this is a fun game. The humour makes this game: I won't spoil it for you, but this game has the worst pun in existence (you'll know it when you see it). Personally, I'm a little iffy about making a joke regarding Tiannenman Square, but I guess it works.

The gameplay is also very good: standard ATB system, but very fast-paced, which suits the mood of the game very well. Could have been a little deeper without losing that necessary simplicity, but it all around it was very nice. A "run" option would have been appreciated.

Graphics were very good, particularly the transition from "Pac world" to the normal world.

It would have been nice for the game to be a little longer; right now it's just too short. While this is a comedic game and brevity is the soul of wit (or so I'm told), it seems like as soon as you really get into the game and get a handle on how it's played, it's over.

All in all, though, a wonderful game, and highly recommended.
Review by EnoYls on 04-09-2003
The engine has come a long way since ANB. So props for that. If only there had been more time spent on story developement. I mean it's funny and all, but basically all you do is go around taking drugs and making bad jokes and in less than 10 minutes, it's over. Kill tank, take speed, slaughter warsawpac, game over. I guess that beats rescuing some dude's talking skull though...

What's up with Garbie, he almost never gets to fight either. I under stand he has the slowest speed, but damn - I was playing around and got the other two up to level 5 and Garbie was still stuck on level 1. I kinda felt like he was neglected in the experience point earning system. Maybe in "That 90's Game" more time can be put into showing Garbie's fans what he is really capable of doing.

Also I like to see boundaries of where I can go, I dont' like it to just be the edge of my monitor. You were doing a great job of showing where you were aloud to walk until you got in berlin. that boundary on the left made me think there were yonder fields over their waiting to be explored, but I just run into the edge of my monitor like a moron. I also felt like an idiot when I tripped on every fricken flower I ran into. I'm sorry man, but flowers have never stopped me from goin' anywhere.

I hate tonics and ether. Why can't we just call it "get more HP juice" and "get more MP juice" or something a little less cliche?

Can I say anything good about the game? perhaps. I thought it was very clever. I like how they started out in a very familiar enviroment and they came into a much larger world. That was pretty cool. I liked the dude with the texas flag on his face, because texas is great. "What you trying to get our dot" That was funny. I liked how the ghosts were all protective of those dots.