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DungeonCrawl Saga: Children of Sidhe
Posted by Nephilim 
Status Walkaround demo 
Last update 26-05-2003 

Nephilim (all by his lonesome)


The once-proud race known as the Elves is dying, and the last of their number embarks on a desperate quest to salvage what remains of her people. But her race's history may be her greatest foe as she uncovers what it truly means to be an Elf.

Her story is told through the eyes of Garrick, the young human who helps her on her quest to revive a mouldering civilization and halt a bloody war.

Current status: Working on Engine, Writing script.

The engine is being built in Macromedia Director. It features a 9-layer 32-bit alpha channeled map drawing engine with object-oriented scriptability for special handling of any tile. It should be playable from a web page.

The screenshots are from the walkaround demo. They are not representative of the game, but are merely for testing the walkaround engine, the map editor, and the scripting system.

The general plot outline is almost finalized.

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