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Posted by Xontu 
Status Walkaround demo 
Last update 03-07-2003 
Links Website;

The game is best described as a "SNES Dragon Warrior" because it features a 1v1 battle system with the first-person-view. The graphics are pretty simple as you can see from the screenshots. The game is created with the RPGToolKit, but if anyone's played a TK game, they know for the most part they're pretty damn bad. Hopefully, The Wanderer will blow em outta the water, but we'll see.

Review by DeveloperX on 06-07-2003
First off, the last 'rating' by DeveloperX, was _NOT_ I repeat, _NOT_ posted by ME.
My PC was left unattended, adn a coworker got to it..anyway,
I am now giving this game a rating, MYSELF, DeveloperX CEO/Founder of CCPS Solutions.

I give this game a 7 because the graphics are very nice,
I think it has potential, and also because it was seriously unfair to Xontu for Greg's immature post.
I have NO problems with Xontu's game having the same name as mine.
Hope this clears things up.