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Posted by gnuthole 
Status Early development 
Last update 04-07-2003 

Implements the Sphere RPG engine, found at

Currently, both the game engine, the storyline and accompanying subplots are under development.

The story itself is set in the world of Terravillis, where two major empires reign. In addition, the rebel organisation of the Sleight Of Hand exists, consisting of people willing to defend their freedom from imperial rule. Sleight Of Hand is generally feared by the law-abiding citizens of the empires. The existance of the Sleight Of Hand places the Porrilleo Empire into a balancing act of unstable peace.

It is in this setting that Laedrus flees from persecution and ostracisation of his sheltered hometown, due to his "spontaneous mystical outbursts". His reluctant friend follows him into a world to which both are shocked by the injustices running rampant due to the imposed rule of the Porrilleo Empire. Little does Laedrus know the importance of his role...

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