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Posted by matt2jones 
Status Finished 
Prog. language QuickBasic 
Last update 17-07-2003 
Links Website; Download;

Uhh, I've typed so many of these lately:

I made this game cause I felt like going on a nostalgia trip after playing sword of Fargoal. Its an oldschool QBRPG, the kind made before Lianne was released (like Hellpit). It was finished easily in 6 days... Its VERY basic, but I think the tresure chest idea is nifty... I programmed in all the bugs to give it some character and all the graphics are drawn using QB's primitives. Its left uncompiled for the final touch, so you'll have to fiddle with the Batch file if your not used to playing QB1.1 games... If enough people care (ei: Anyone at all) I'll compile it and upload it.


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