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Posted by gnuthole 
Status Walkaround demo 
Last update 15-08-2003 
Links Website; Download;

Update (August 16, 2003): I've finally uploaded this becursed thing! The reason this is labelled a walkaround demo is because... well... you can walk around. You can talk to the NPCs as well. Talking to them several times will yield different results (usually). Enjoy! :P

You see, it's about a blob by the name of Glob. And it goes on an RPGingly good journey for some reason I don't want to explain or come up with. This game uses the plothole as a storyline technique, and I should warn you now that pretty much none of it will make any sense whatsoever.

Gain the power to wield a sword for some odd reason, face the very horrors of the RPG test demo, stare in the face the prospect of inconsistent tiles, and laugh in the fear of physical plotholes.

Enemies, items and magic are all commonplace to RPGs. Prepare to have your perspective flipfloppied! Battle common furniture, RPG cliches, terrorism, cancer, faucets, and the popsicle knights! Pull out of your item sack a dehydrated anvil... just add water! Weave spells that... well... make holes in the ground. And when you're far from help, carry a lot of poisons with you to heal up!

Being developed in the Sphere ( RPG engine, the game parts of the engine (i.e. menus, battles... I think that's all that's pending) are still in need of development (read: on the todo list). Don't get a heart attack when you play it: it's supposed to be that bad :).

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