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Posted by akOOma 
Status Walkaround demo 
Prog. language C++ 
Last update 25-12-2003 
Links Website; Download;

This engine is very similar to my old one (qRPG engine) which is done in QB.
But now I use C++ and Allegro, so it's times faster.
This is only a walkaround demo, because this engine is only one day old. It features pixel-by-pixel scrolling.

The graphics are ripped off RPG-Maker 2000 because I'm not that good at doing graphics and I need some stuff to show this engine.

I added support for randomly walking npcs. Now there are 99 npcs and one player. The next thing I'll add is more actions for npcs like following the main character and so on.

Collision detection with other NPCs using boxes around them is ready. At the moment I'm working on collision detection with non walkable tiles, what's not very hard to do, so the next release will include some more things.


Collision detection with non walkable tiles has been added. So that I finished the main part of the tile engine I begin learning things about LUA, a great scripting language I want to implement into my engine for better script performance.


I haven't worked on this project for a long time (ca. 4 months). But now I started working on it again. There are some problems with collision detection between NPCs and tiles, but they are not that bad, so I concentrate on other things. The collision detection between two NPCs works perfectly. I added some actions for NPCs like walking around, follow the player's NPC (the Player Character) and just standing still which isn't really an action. I've read some tutorials on LUA and I think that I can do a lot of things which this scripting language. I will do some tests with it and then I'll try to implement it into my engine.

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