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Posted by SJ_Zero 
Status Playable 
Prog. language QuickBasic 
Last update 24-09-2003 
Links Website; Download;

The world is a hell of darkness and death, where the dread force of destruction known as the farbtontier slowly destroy the human race in pursuit of their corrupted ideals. Treading the thin line between chaos and sanity is a single man, Xan. He battles for the entire world, for every species, for every broken ideal and all the hope, terror, love, hate, heroism, cowardice, darkness and light perverted to serve as the farbtontiers weapons.

But this is not the story you should expect.

Because new destruction is rarely enough to bring peace...

The engine supports cutscene scripting, battle system spell scripting, huge maps, pseudo-transparancy, smooth Pixel*Pixel scrolling and movement, real-time shadows, independant NPC movement and secondary PC movement and on-map battles(ie. no seperate battle screen) with multiple player characters.

New version 1.101 released, fixes most known bugs, including all battle system bugs. Also adds new art, which just plain rocks.

New version 1.5 is a complete windows port to FreeBASIC. There are known critical issues, however. These will be fixed in a 1.6 release.

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