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Posted by XMark 
Status Abandoned 
Prog. language QuickBasic 
Last update  
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XMark: Head honcho, the big boss man
QBrebel: Currently AWOL, but did some cool stuff in the past
Rollo: Occasional contributor, except when pre-occupied by highschool.


This sequel to the ARC Legacy features better graphics, controls, and overall quality. Unlike the first game, this one will concentrate more on the non-linear aspects, leaving the entire world open to explore at all times while the main plot of the game proceeds in a linear fashion, kind of like the second half of Final Fantasy 6. It also features an original MIDI soundtrack composed by XMark and Rollo. The game will be done "when it's done".

Review by Mandrake on
Graphicly speaking, this game has come along way since it's predecessor, ARC:Legacy.
With that said, the graphics aren't something to write home about still, but you can
see that Xmark is definetly improving over time. The actual graphics engine is also
10x better than the first ARC game, giving smooth movement and really cool menus.

The Combat in the game takes a bow from the later FF games by using ATB, rather than the
turn based DW style combat in the first game. this is really an improvement, since combat
becomes much more intense. You can no longer wait and plan out your moves, but must be quick
on your feet in figuring out what to do next.

gameplay wise, this game kicks ass. It's alot of fun to play, and will keep you entertained
until the end of the demo. if the plot and gameplay of the first game is any indication on
what the plto and gameplay in this game will be like, than this will be one of the greater
RPG's out there.

this is defintely on my "i can't wait to play this" game list.
Review by Jocke The Beast on
I've played many qb-rpg's and this is one of the best future-rpg's there is made in qbasic.

The gfx is pretty "grey" but the gameplay gives is far better then most qb-rpg's. I like the way the game is build and the battles are cool.
Review by JonasKyratzes on 18-05-2002
The game looks very promising. Everything seems to be improved, and the story seems interesting. The Matrix jokes were funny, too. The first ARC game had a number of annoying problems, such as the flickering, but they seem to be gone. I can't wait to play it.
Keep up the good work XMark! And remember ... there is no spoon!
Review by God_Cells on 27-05-2002
Graphics are greater than it'spredecessor ARC Legacy, and look more professionnal, but ameliorations could be done, so I give 7.

There's music in Qbasic??? Who write this library? Good compostions Xmark! But real sound effects are always missing!

I give 5 on gameplay, probably this game is great, but, it is too slow on my computer, real scrolling in Qbasic is a good idea if you add a scrolling factor in optrions... so it's 320x200 (realy low resolution) and it's slow like is was 640x480x16... pretty unplayable, I'm sorry.

6 On overall, battle engine is good and I loved the fact that characters from ARC Legacy are in ARC Network! This low overall score is due to the lack of speed of the tile engine.