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Posted by thedexmaster 
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Dan L. DelaRosa



After the defeat of Mr. Jacobson, the Super Asian-Americans (Dan, Windell, Jennifer, Jason, and Ryan) moved on to high school. Sadly, this will be the greatest mistake they have made. Egyptian prophets tell of an evil entity called Lavos Gates bringing destruction to Earth. ... and it's all Dr. Genno's fault! It is the year 2013. The world is in ruin. The United States of America has fallen. The world's major cities have been destroyed by nuclear weapons. The world's population consists of members of the KKK, European aristocrats, and evil hippies. People are devestated. The prophecy also calls that the Super Asian-americans can unite and defeat Lavos Gates. A man named Alex Chiu found a way to travel in time and warn Dan and the others. It seems like the world is safe now, but all their powers combined is still not enough not to handle this entity's spells. They will have to undo what Dr. Genno did to power up Lavos Gates. Dan would need the Dexmaster Sword, a weapon that can give better chance of saving the world. Maybe this will be enough to deafeat Lavos Gates... or is it?

-A cheat menu that can give lots of cheats!
-A bank just like from Earthbound!
-Multiple versions of the game (Chrono Trigger version, Pokemon version, etc.)
-Trading between Versions!
-10+ playable characters!
-And lots of other spiffy secrets!

The Ultimate RPG is a Chrono Trigger ripoff, parody of DragonBall Z, Advertizement for Alex, and a Sailor Mars fangame! And all in one package!

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