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Posted by Warspawn 
Status Early development 
Last update 11-10-2003 
Links Website;

I'm using the graphics from Angband, and maybe some from Rogue. Using a gameplay style that is a cross between Ultima Exodus (NES version) and Dragon Warrior.

The combat system is going to be like Ultima, a turned based combat, where you actually move about on the combat arena.

The part that is like Dragon Warrior is the movement, pressing arrow keys each cell, NSEW movement only. Also, I'm keeping the stats fairly basic and very similar to Dragon Warrior, using STR, STA, AGI, MAG.

I'm trying to keep the game as simple as possible, there is no animation on the graphics, the stats are not going to go up into the millions (like final fantasy games), simple but fun.
I think that even though it will be simple, in controls and graphics, I will focus more on gameplay for fun.

Currently, I'm close to having the combat system done, once I have a basic combat system, I'll release a semi playable version for download.

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