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Posted by Instigator 
Status Walkaround demo 
Last update 15-05-2005 
Links Website;

"Scribe" is set in a modern-day world. The setting is the Parrot College of Gamemaking and the surrounding suburban neighborhood.

The game is programmed in Javascript using the Sphere RPG engine. Rendered in brilliant 16-bit color with totally original 16x16 pixel tiles and original bloopy music, "Scribe" smacks of the off-beat humor and sarcasm of classics such as "Earthbound", "Space Quest", and "Magi-Nation". With a percentage-based stats and fatigue system, player conversations that aren't incredibly boring, and tons of items to choose from, this game is what Computer RPG's should be. Or at least that's what the NPCs in the game might tell you. (Jellybeans and Cream Soda not included.)

The game should be done by Winter 2006. The engine elements are 80% done. No gameplay yet.

NEW: You may now download, use, modify, and redistribute the original sprites and tilesets I've made for Scribe in your own games! Go to the project webpage!

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