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Broken Dimension (abandoned & source released)
Posted by Rooter 
Status Abandoned 
Prog. language C++ 
Last update 01-12-2003 
Links Website; Download;

Robert Preston & Vince Deany (Programming)
Peter Cartwright (Art)


Broken Dimension 2D RPG Engine Source Release v1.0:
This code and all other files contained here are free for
non-commercial use only.

This project was started in 2002 and was just for us
to get some experience creating an rpg engine in 2D. Though
it's incomplete in some ways with a few additions it's
almost a complete engine. The main reason we decided
to release this is that it can help somebody in the same
situation as we were to learn a few things from it. Sorry
about the fact that nothing is commented but we really just
want to get rid of this stuff. The style isn't very consistent
throughout and neither is the implementation because two
of us were working on it and we were experimenting with
many different types of C++ techniques and we weren't really
working with any sort of plan.

Libraries used:

DirectX 8.1 (D3D & DInput) -

FMod for sound (may not be backwards compatible with the latest release,
if you can't get it to compile as a result just comment the code in music and
sound.cpp (it's only a few lines) or just port it to the newest version), the
fmod.dll file is included to run the current binary -

LUA (for scripting, not sure if the latest version is
backwards compatible but i imagine it is) -
sorry, this only works on windows, feel free to port it to
whatever you please

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