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Posted by Jerm 
Status Finished 
Prog. language QuickBasic 
Last update 04-12-2003 
Links Website; Download;

One day, Otheon's town is destroyed by demons. So he sets out on an adventure to destroy all them all.

This is a simple, fast-paced, single player RPG made in 11 days.

Review by js71 on 07-12-2003
Despite the bland graphics (no animation, solid color tiles), bland overworld (having only 4 or so tiles), and bland combat (attack, item, run), this game isn't all that bad. I really don't know why.
Although I never got past the first boss (last boss?), due to the fact that you must reach an obscenely high level before attempting to beat him, I had a bit of fun leveling outside of town and going back to the town to drink from the well after every battle- Again, I don't know why.
The game reminds me- For some odd reason- Of commander keen.
Anyhow, since this was made in 11 days I'll give it a 4 for the effort.