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Posted by I am Har har har 
Status Finished 
Prog. language QuickBasic 
Last update 31-08-2004 
Links Download;

This game was made in Qbasic 1.1, and uses a scripting engine made by I am Har har har (The game's creator) The only outside resources used was PowerPixel 256 for sprite editing.

A boy in his youth finds himself plunged into a fate he never imagined. A terrorist threatens the world. Only his friends can help him in the fight for his life, and the events leading up to the battle of Faran Dahl and the DIES IRAE.

Review by DeveloperX on 11-09-2004
I give this game a eight because I thought that the story was unique (I surely didn't see THAT one coming)
and the gameplay was fun, hell I played the game for 3 hours, just cause it was fun.
I thought that it needed music, and better graphics (in some areas the graphics were much better than I expected!) I found that the battle system was really good, and I nearly fell out my chair laughing when I recieved a diet sprite..hehe.. good art for the items, skills and tiles.
I actually enjoyed completing this little game, and I look forward to playing the remake.
Great work.