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Posted by SJ_Zero 
Status Finished 
Prog. language Visual Basic 
Last update 26-01-2004 
Links Website; Download;

I decided to go back and make some changes and additions to Nietzsche, while updating it's aging codebase to the latest version. This isn't meant to take the game written in 48 hours and turn it into a full fledged RPG. It's just meant to turn one of my less shining accomplishments into something that's at least playable. I addressed some concerns about play balance and setting, and added a lot of stuff to see in what was previously an abandoned complex. Anyway, it's just a short game, so try it out, and see what you think.

This is the story of an executive lamenting some bad decisions. I'd prefer the big parts of the plot be explained by the in-game cutscenes, since that's what they're there for. Please, enjoy

Link updated.

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