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Posted by Sirocco 
Status Almost finished 
Prog. language C++ 
Last update 13-12-2005 
Links Website;

Sirocco (Everything)
Jack Dark (Music)


Taking a visual cue from Tactics Ogre, FB: Cry Havoc dispenses with most of the popular conventions inside the tactical rpg sub-genre and strikes a compelling compromise between detailed mechanics and fast gameplay. A simple and intuitive mouse-based interface allows the user to effortlessly command his/her troops, and the terrain may be rotated in 90 degree increments to allow for better utilization of the battleground. Sapper units can use bombs to destroy buildings and terrain, opening up new possibilities for engaging enemies or avoiding them entirely.

Choose one of four leaders, and watch as your squad of soldiers lives... grows... and dies... under your command. History has already been written, but the sacrifices of so many have been swept away by the passing ages. Now, their struggles will come to light...

The FB: Cry Havoc map editor will be included with the game, along with both DOS and Win32 ports. This game takes place in the same world as Fenix Blade, but during an earlier time period.

Currently in a playable state, but not publicly available for testing. Map editor is complete, and right now I'm working on attack animations, units skills, and scripts for between-stage cut scenes. Support is now in for irregularly shaped blocks (for things like rocks and columns), and very simple AI is able to control the enemy units. A simple but flexible physics monitor tracks projectiles as well as changes in the environment, launching items away from explosions and dropping soldiers from crumbling blocks.

Units may now fall into offensive or defensive formations if their alignments match, granting them bonuses to their stats as long as they can hold the formation. I'm working on maps and scripts for the game, as well as updating the old placeholder textures. Enemy AI is still in a very primitive state, but advancing at a steady pace.

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