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Posted by papillon 
Status Finished 
Last update 19-07-2004 
Links Website; Download;

"It's Nethack meets Bookworm!" (Don't you love marketing speak?)

Penta-graph - a game of five letter words. Wander the dungeon, find treasures, encounter monsters, and defeat them by unscrambling words with clues to cast spells. Clear the level of encounters (red dots) to face a Boss Monster. Complete five levels of dungeon to find your missing master...

Two difficulty levels, two characters to choose from, each dungeon level adds new unique elements...

Review by Mandrake on 18-03-2004
this game is great. It's a brilliant, new idea, that works very well and is alot of fun to play.
Review by Jocke The Beast on 19-03-2004
Very amusing and somewhat different game. The game runs well and seems to be well coded. The mix between puzzle & rpg is quite cool and graphic & sound works nice. Really worth the download.
Review by Alternative Username on 15-04-2004
Solid, pretty, clean and fun, but could use a bit more variation.
Review by JonasKyratzes on 26-06-2004
Brilliant idea! Needs a lot more work, but could turn into a real classic.