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Cryptic Blue: Chimaera
Posted by janus 
Status Walkaround demo 
Prog. language Visual Basic 
Last update 19-02-2004 
Links Website; Download;



Welcome to the world of Cryptic Blue. In the early 21st century, the world is at odds. A group of eastern countries known as the Red Triangle are determined to dethrone the United States and their allies as world superpowers, by any means necessary. The Red Triangle launches into a full-scale war, and the east and west are bathed in suffering. Major north american population centers are struck with post-nuclear superweapons, annihilating millions of innocent civilians in the matter of a few minutes and crippling the world economy. The war rages on, and by its end the entire world is devastated. Peace is finally reached, and the world attempts to regain a sense of normalcy. The United States and Canada combine to form a larger nation, in hopes of preventing chaos from overtaking the continent.

In the year 2043, the Kryptos Corporation is an extremely successful technology corporation, that makes billions each year selling advanced networking technology and computer software to companies and individuals all over the world. All is not as it seems at Kryptos, however, and there are more sinister workings concealed by its pleasant exterior. A systems engineer at Kryptos named Iera Mitchell goes in for a routine company health checkup, and a strange anomaly in her test results is discovered. Iera is a Chimaera, a human with two distinct sets of DNA. It so happens that Iera's second set of DNA contains a rare trait which makes it possible for her DNA to be altered freely without causing harm to her... and Kryptos happens to be developing a new, near-limitless power source, which requires the use of humans with altered DNA to generate fuel. The problem that has prevented Kryptos from making progress for the last 3 years is finally solved - a portable, superefficient power source fueled by chemicals generated by the human body, is now only months from completion.

Soon, Iera's life becomes quite difficult. Kryptos has armed guards escort her everywhere, for 'her own protection', and she soon discovers that her every move is being watched. An encrypted telecall from a coworker provides her with an explanation for her employer's strange treatment: Her DNA is being used to develop a superweapon. If there is any chance that her trait may be discovered by another corporation, Kryptos will eliminate her. Her coworker, Dean Lycos, exploits his intricate knowledge of Kryptos's computer networks to help her escape from her guards, and from her employer's watchful eyes. Now Iera is on the run from an enemy that is above the law, with only Dean's talented hacking and her wits protecting her from death.

Dean soon gains access to some critical files, and within a few short hours, Iera is in posession of a prototype suit of powered armor, powered by Kryptos's new fuel source, code-named Cryptic Blue. Now, with a temporary advantage, it's up to you to help Iera break into Kryptos's facilities, evade guards, outwit complex security systems, and ultimately prevent them from turning their prototype into a reality, putting the entire world at risk.

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