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Posted by mininet 
Status Early development 
Last update 02-01-2006 
Links Website; Download;

It a massive multiplayer old school RPG that i'v been developing for both MacOSX and Windows.
You can now download a small walk around demo for both MacOSX and Windows! Let me know how they run on your computer.

Its been a few month, I have not had time to up date this page. However have no fear the game is still under development. The server is now 100% done. The following is a status list for the game client:

Network Interface: 100% Done
Chat interface: 100% Done
Movement system: 95% Done
Script Engine: 100% Done
Inventory System 0% Done
Stats: 100% Done
Battle Engine 0% Done
Graphics: 90% Done

As you can see a large part of the game is now done. I need to make some maps and complete the inventory system, and start on the battle system then I will launch the beta version. of the game.

Added some screen shots of the beta client on both Mac and windows.

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