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Posted by typosoft 
Status Almost finished 
Prog. language QuickBasic 
Last update  
Links Website; Download;

Michael Dowling (programming)
Brian Smithson (graphics/story)


Earth, Fire, Water, Metal, and Wood - it is these five elements that rule over the land. And when Master Suki senses great trouble among the humans and bakemono of the East, he sends his pupil Ped Xing to straighten things out and fulfill his training as a wizard.

With a puff of smoke, Ped Xing is teleported in the land of the East. What adventures await our quick-witted and talented hero? What mysteries await him in the many villages and territories that stand between him and bringing back peace to civilization? Only the Emperor knows...

Play as Ped Xing, a lowly squire to Suki the great wizard. You must journey to the Eastern world and uncover the disturbance in the bakemonos' behavior. Learn tons of spells and summons and talk to a whole lot of people and have a whole lot of fun.

no sound:

Awards (that I know of): forum awards 2002: Best RPG, Best Male Character, Best Story, and Best Overall Winner

Vplanet 2002 Gaming Gold Awards: Best Graphics, Best Music, Best Story, Gaming Hunk (Ped Xing), Best RPG, and Game of the Year

Review by Jocke The Beast on
This is the BEST qbasic game ever! I think I've played almost every downloadable qbasic game there is and this one is the King.

The gameplay is so uniqe and one can end up in the middle of the night when once started to play.

The sound is perfect. Nice sfx that brings a good athmosphere to the game.

The gfx are maybe not the most advanced but I think it's so well designed and a great bit of comedy is included.

Overall I must say that the gameplay in PedXing is far better then any other qbasic production. It's not so often I play a game over and over (inlcuding "real" produced Pc software games) but with PedXing it's difficult to stop. The King of qbasic games!!!
Review by XMark on 02-06-2002
I loved this demo, and I'm looking forward to the complete game! I especially liked the way the game looked. The graphics weren't breathtaking but they did a great job of setting the mood of the game (I LOVE Ped Xing's goofy expressions when he's talking, it makes his wisecracking dialogue even funnier) Sound was a bit of a let down, since I recognize Ped Xing's voice from Sango Fighter, and I'm assuming that the music was taken from other sources as well, but that doesn't really matter since it fits the gameplay well.

In the demo, it was somewhat limited to three spells and one summon, but after I completed it I found the cheat codes and had fun going through it again on god mode, using all the crazy spells and sending forth my army of clones to do my bidding before turning on all the goofy me's running around :)

Fun game, if you haven't downloaded it yet then WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? Quit reading this and play the game!
Review by Rainer Deyke on 18-05-2003
Ped Xing's Quest is a thoroughly enjoyable game. Plot, action, puzzles - this game's got it all. The special effects - reflections in water, shadows, rain, and lighting - were a nice touch.

By far my biggest complaint is that the game is unfinished, and the demo is too short. Just as I was really getting into it, the game ended. There is no mention either here or on the game's website that the game is unfinished. What's up with that?

My other complaint is that, while this is a solid enjoyable game, no single element reaches greatness. The plot is there, but it's not particularily involving, at least in the current state of the game. The dialog is amusing but not actually funny. The combat is primitive, even by Legend of Zelda standards. The puzzles don't really provide anything new.

Overall, this game shows real potential. I hope the game will be finished someday. As it is right now, the game is already very much enjoyable and worth downloading.
Review by pabarry on 06-07-2003
This is by far the greatest QuickBasic game I have ever played. The graphics are awesome. I really enjoyed the humor thoughout the game. I recommend that everyone tries this game.